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Providing competency training and in depth education on working with and supporting abuse and trauma survivors, in any field.

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An invitation to acknowledge the need

30-90 Minute talks on Life after Trauma

Debunking Abuse Myths
Discussing the taboo in trauma, and the many myths around it.


The Body Doesn't Lie
Discussing the powerful conductor of truth that we call our skin. How abuse is held in the body, and how trauma can shape us for years after abuse ends.


Triggers, Trauma Roles, and Isolation
Abuse can isolate you, threaten you, and steal from you, even after it ends. This talk is on the education and understanding of victim and abuser roles and the triggers that cause them to manifest.


What Can I Do?
A powerful look into the life of a survivor. How to recognise the signs of current abuse, and knowing how to love someone through healing and triggers.


I Believe You
A deeply moving mini speech on the power of being heard, being seen, and being believed.


*Each speech is modified and formulated to fit the listeners and environment. Please contact to set up a call to discuss why you believe having a Speaking Event at your location is important to you. 


the first steps

The Ground Work
Module 1: Debunking Trauma Myths
Module 2: Restoring Shattered Security
Module 3: Providing A Real Safety Net

Restoring a survivor's shattered security is the utmost important layer of ground work in creating a safe environment for them to be served in ways they need, but have trouble trusting. Reclaiming the feeling of safety is one of the most challenging and complex aspects of our healing, and it is entirely contingent upon each individual. However, there is hope.

This workshop will focus on the ground work of creating healthy and longstanding trust between advocates, physicians, healers, educators and other important team members in a survivor’s circle. 


The Reclamation Work
Module 1: The Depths of Abuse
Module 2:  Grief, Shame, and Established Roles
Module 3: Bridge to Self Autonomy

The legacy of abuse is ancient, and the depths to which trauma seeps into life are enormous. Reclaiming oneself from the role abuse has formulated is an unending task that takes great care and patience. Each survivor needs a different approach and each survivor will formulate a different path to walk. 

This workshop will focus on the beginnings of reclaiming not only who a survivor is/was pre-abuse, but how their support team can help facilitate and establish healthy validation and modification of abuse and victim patterns. 

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the invitation to further the work

The Imperative Work
Module 1: Gaining an Intimate Perspective
Module 2:  Supportive Vulnerability
Module 3: The Body Knows

What is held within the skin of a survivor is their key to freedom. However, coming back into embodiment after enduring such atrocities can only happen when the survivor feels and knows that they are safe...and even then, it is the most difficult choice they will ever make. 

Creating an environment, cultivating a community, establishing resources of true self care are three of one hundred other things that are not only nice but necessary aspects of life after abuse. Whether you're a survivor's partner, physical therapist, family member, doctor, or wellness centre service provider (massage, etc) this workshop will focus on the key components of body work and laying a ground for continued body healing.


The Justice Work (Coming Summer 2019)
Module 1: Creating Space for Communication
Module 2: The Wrong Type of Help
Module 3: No Longer A Victim, No Longer An Abuser

Abuse will not end until both sides receive the help they need; until both the survivor and the abuser are known. Abuse is formulated through a Multi Layered Lens: Societal, Cultural, Gender-Linked, A Sexuality Spectrum, Family of Origin, Family of Procreation, Skin Colour, and Individual Economic Status.

This intimate and raw workshop is specifically designed for those working in the justice system and therapeutic sectors, to open up the discussion and break ground for this important work to begin. For compassion and empathy to be extended equally, without any neglecting of consequence. There is a difference between justice and silence.


*Each workshop is modified and formulated to fit the listeners and environment. Please contact to set up a call to discuss why you believe having a Workshop at your location is important to you.