The humxns I am privileged to stand beside

“My dear friend Skyler Mechelle is the strongest, most incredible person I know. 

She inspires me in the deepest of ways and simply amazes me with her tenacity, generosity, and pure beauty of spirit.

Skyler is a survivor of extreme abuse.

Her path of healing has been a warrior initiation into the work that she does now as an advocate, teacher, writer, and all around badarse-world-healing-instigator.

I’m sharing this as I know how desperate the world is for her message and teaching. 

Im also sharing this as I know she is in need of support to lay down this solid foundation she is creating.

Skyler is currently writing a book in which she shares her experience and helps provide a framework of healing for other survivors. 

This book template is also being developed into workshops and courses which are currently underway to begin shortly at Universities along the US east coast.

If you would like to learn more about what this unstoppable woman is creating please check out her page. 

Skyler, I can’t wait to see your book published and in every school, workplace, university, hospital, doctors bookcase! 

— Advocate and Naturopath, AUS

““I am not leaving you. I believe you.”

My beautiful, resilient, shattered and redeemed, miraculous sister from Spirit.

This journey... aka battlefield... where she collects herselves through time, holding each individual identity in the light. She comforts her tiniest self acknowledging all of the darkness and pain. She believes the cries torn out of these parts of herself. The battle waged on and in her body. The repeated violations perpetrated by those who should have protected her is the ultimate betrayal.

In every painful breath, she honors the wounds and rises to meet each memory as a true warrior. How she is processing this is revolutionary on both a spiritual and global scale.

— Survivor, US

“Skyler I can’t thank you enough for sharing your heart, experiences and wisdoms with us. 

It helps me grow!

Your knowledge about you is the most healing journey that I have ever come across. It’s so inspiring! I relate and resonate to everything you write!

It helps me to heal me.

What a precious gift you are! 


You are the salt to earth for so many people!!!

What you write makes me breath easier, it makes me willing to just see what happens and let go of my need to control. It inspires me to be more open to “What if?” It makes me believe in every one and every thing around me a little bit more. 

The truth and clarity you use in your powerful language when you express yourself is so beautiful, sensual, strong and beaming that it shines up the most cloudy sky. 

I feel so happy and grateful to be on this beautiful, precious journey with you. Thank you for your teaching

— Survivor, Stockholm 

“Thank you for showing up for yourself and us. 

You make me weep in good ways reminding me for first time I am not alone. 

— Survivor, UK

“...Skyler, although we’ve never met, I was fascinated by your movement when I saw a post shared by a Facebook friend. I started following your Instagram because it’s so real...raw. 

I admire what you’re doing...and your story is inspiring me. Inspiring me to learn how to love myself after abuse. 

To learn that my body is my own and I get to choose me. I get to love me...unapologetically. Every day I get to choose to love me even if I am feeling so vastly different in the same moment. 

What you are doing is so bold...and so important. You’re changing the world...I see that anointing in you so strong and I am learning to become undone to find the truest me there is because of it. 

You are so important.

— Survivor, US

“’s such important work you are doing Skye - and each time I read one of your posts it shakes me to the core - I am so appalled and flabbergasted and frankly uncomfortable as fuck!

But I know the work is serious and this shit has got to stop - talking about it is the only way to pull back the veil....

— Advocate, UK

“What a powerful reminder that we who have been comfortable have no idea of the kind of darkness that exists and is perpetrated on innocents. 

— Advocate, US 

“...Your book is a haven of truthful acceptance for the ugliness that is recovery and the truth that is so painful yet so desired. This. This is why you keep going...

— Survivor, UK

“Skyler Mechelle, you speak a truth that so many victims/survivors of familial child abuse suffer. “Shut up! Move on”. I lived in that alternative reality that everyone wanted and it destroyed my inner soul. Your words, your honesty, your rawness, are such a fucked up comfort, if you get what I mean. I love your desire to live, but not just live, but to live authentically. You speak for so many.

— Survivor, US

“Too much for someone to read / yet I-you-she-little girl had to live it / too strong those black marks on white screen-paper / yet red wounds on innocent skin / can’t say that publically / while it’s done privately / oh did I ruin your day / by telling you how he ruined my life? If you hide from this account you allow evil to remain in its shadows / water it with your fears / hold its coat while it / rapes another woman / behind a dumpster...

— Survivor, Canada

“I support you, Skyler. Your story is important for teachers, practitioners, daughters, mothers, fathers, sons, students, everyone to hear and see and know.

— Advocate and Mental Health Professional, US