Supporting my Work

Thank you for allowing me the space to be partnered with, it heals me.


1. Follow and Listen


2. Comment, Like, and Engage

3. Repost it & Share

4. Believe Yourself, When Able

5. Do the Work To Become Trauma-Informed

If you have the safety, resource, and autonomy, this is a beautiful way to support me that is so valuable. I feel it, see it, and will always meet you in response, when able.

You will never be less heard if you’ve never engaged. This work will always remain here for you, even if I don’t know your name. (I really love knowing your chosen name.)


1. One Time Donation

2. Monthly Support

Every single cent is utilized to support me goes towards paying for my university studies, and to my wellbeing as I extend all my free resources (95% of what I do is free).

I respect, honour, and believe your ability to support me in the ways you are able to/not able to.