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All of my Mini-courses and Booklets available at sliding scale. If you are in need but do not have access to funds, email me and they are yours. If you have the ability to donate, you may do so here.* These courses are not intended to replace nor supersede any professional care. They are birthed from my own white experience, research, and healing. Pieces of my soul, my writing, my story broken down into pieces meant to kneel down beside you in your time of need.

*If donating, simply use the comment box to state which resource(s) you would like. I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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Growing Freedom mini course

Five simple days. Five simple tools. Five non-demanding, tender, and raw invitations that you can personalize within your valid experiences of trauma and life.

The Uncovering - Redefining the Experience

The Feeling - The Space Between the Opening and the Release

The Resources - Gathering All You Need to Grow Your Freedom

The Release - Surrendering What No Longer Serves You

The Freedom - Cultivating New Life

Reclaiming how to feel mini course

Five simple days. Five simple tools. Five non-demanding, tender, and raw invitations that you can personalize within your valid experiences of trauma and life.

The Current Definition - How We See Emotions Based on Past Experience.

The Body Connection - The Space Between the Opening and the Release

The New Understanding - Redefining Our Emotions and Feelings

The New Power - Mind, Body, Soul Alignment

The Trusted Compass - Using Your Emotions as a Guide



Triggers mini course

Five simple days. Five simple tools. Five non-demanding, tender, and raw invitations that you can personalize within your valid experiences of trauma and life.

The Patterned Reaction - Rediscovering and Discerning Where We Feel Unsafe, Unheard, and Uncomfortable.

The Past vs. The Present - Old Definitions Mirrored in Present Experiences and How We Reclaim Ourselves

The Willingness to Expand - Redefining Our Understanding of Control

The Balancing Act- Establishing Healthy Communication and Boundaries

The Release of Perfection - This is Our Life and it is Real and Whole Because it is Ours

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Self regulation mini course

I like to refer to "Triggers" as internal "Metal detectors" that discover and locate memories. Once I found safety, my metal detectors used to go off constantly. It started with one or two, and then seasons and upon seasons of unfurling. It has taken years, and lots of privileged resources, to learn how to integrate not only the memories I found, but my ability to navigate the pain that unfurls in the discovery of them.

The Discovery - The Metal Beneath the Surface

The Discourse - The Exasperation, Exhaustion, and Pain

The Pause - The Internal Acknowledgement

The Permission - The Slow Reclamation of Balance Without Denying the Discourse

The Belief - The Kneeling Down Beside Yourself


Compassion workbook

I believe that the shame, blame, guilt, and tenderness around developing internal compassion stems from not knowing what compassion looks like for us as autonomous individuals. When we have the privilege to wade into the messy waters of healing, we are most often unaware that things (emotions, experiences, relationships, roles) are not fixed and demanded. We tend to enter into life, in various ways, in a patterned state that allows us to maintain the roles we held in our trauma(s) because that's all we know.  

Life is/will always be fluid, rather than fixed. That's scary because it means we cannot control it, no matter how much we prepare for it. The chaos of trauma feels safe because even though it too is out of our control, humans are adept at surviving. That means survival ends up becoming our anchor and will take precedence over everything. That's okay. It's valid. It's allowed.

We are absolutely capable of extending sustainable, authentic, genuine, and messy compassion to ourselves. Just like I extended to you above. Our residual impacts are real, and I believe them.

Throughout this workbook, we are going to unpack and re-learn the cues of our own mind, body, and soul (including our own survival cues) and how to be compassionate towards them.

Our trauma(s) have demanded so much attention that we end up in roles that are very much covered with barbed wire. The noise, the fear, the panic, the pain so loud that staying in our fixed role(s) of caretaker, fixer, superhero, hyper-independent and isolated "strongest person in the room" feels safer. Many also stay in the role of victim because they lack the privilege to do otherwise, but that's a topic for another time.

As we begin to slowly reclaim these roles, shifting slowly from shame into compassion, we will be able to source our own freedom. A freedom that allows us to learn how we can simultaneously feel unsafe, and be safe. Grieve and hold boundaries in our sadness. Rage and sift through what lies beneath our fire.

Live again.

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Realignment workbook

Both the internal residual impacts of trauma, and how these same impacts manifest externally, are specific to every individual and deeply impacted by the personal privilege to resources. Learning our personal residual impacts does not guarantee that our wounds will not demand to be felt in ways that may wildly uncomfortable. Ways that do not fit neatly into the situation we're in.

Ways that are misunderstood and require old or new coping mechanisms. Ways that confuse and frustrate us. Ways that place added challenge within our intimacy, community relations, jobs, education, and wellness. The unfairness that lies within this, your response to your own experience, it is all valid. Learning ourselves, learning our responses, doesn't change that. What it does is allows us to navigate life with the option to be embodied versus disembodied. Swaying back and forth on the pendulum of life, and gaining a deeper understanding of our truth versus the trauma's truth in moments we are able to.

Post-trauma, our body's centre is aligned to the trauma instead of to ourselves. Whether we witness this through a trigger or we face this in every waking moment has nothing to do with the length of our traumas, nor the degree of them. Every trauma impacts and every impact is valid. Reorienting our centre, the place we feel safe enough to return to post-trigger reaction begins with recognizing that the chaos is often more comfortable than the quiet. That our real, honest, and messy disembodied response to trauma is often less agonising than an embodied recognition of it.

This is where I created the internal imagery of "The Table". A raw, worn, and sturdy piece of wood about 12 feet long. A table that sits under dim, natural, gentle light. A table that invites, but does not demand. Provides option, but does not demonise survival. Recognises strength in all forms of choice, even if that choice is misunderstood.

At first, all I did was visualise it. See it there. Peak at it pre-, during, and post-triggered reactions. I didn't know what to do, how to begin, but somehow that table never left. It didn't question that I wasn't ready, nor state that I was somehow lesser because I knew it existed and couldn't/didn't choose it. It just waited; and that waiting, its pause, invited my little girl who innately mistrusts to begin the process of belief.

This was the beginning of my embodiment work, and now I am bringing it to you.

*coming soon.

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