Unpacking Trauma Question & Answer

Q: Can you intercede before the spinning/triggering cycle starts?

Initial Answer: 

For me, in the intricacies of my own work with my body, interceding tended to feel like dishonour/disbelief. Particularly within the beginning, all my body needed was to be heard and after reminding it through words that it was, it started to regain trust with me. 

As I referenced in the video, this doesn't always mean I was in a space/time/moment where I could "do the work". So, what I would start to do is remind my body that I believed her and would come back to her. That was said even if I was lying in bed crying, because I truthfully did not have the energy. 

That belief, and the cultivation of trust within that, allows us to begin to learn ourselves in deeper manners to the point where interceding isn't necessarily always needed the way we thought it once was. Maybe interceding looks like a hand on our knee, and a single deep breath. Maybe it looks like "I'll come back to you body, I believe you." Maybe it looks like not going out that evening, or maybe it looks like moving our bodies and shaking it out haha. 

It is the personal development of our inner guidance, versus what we think we should do, that starts to build empowerment. However that will look for you...is yours. I trust it. I believe it exists in you. I do not believe it's unattainable. 

Furthering the conversation: 

I would love to begin by first asking these questions

Gentle Reminder: answering these is based upon your initial want, and every part of that want is valid.

1. When you imagine interceding a spin/triggering spiral what would interceding look like to you, personally? 

2. When you imagine interceding a spin/triggering spiral what would the act of interceding feel like to you, in your body, mind, and soul?

3. When you imagine interceding a spin/triggering spiral what would the after affect feel like? (e.g. why are you craving to intercede?)

From here we can begin developing an understanding with our personal and intimate desire to intercede our spin/triggering spiral. From what I have personally encountered myself, I can say that my craving/desire to interrupt my spin/triggering spiral came from 1-of-3 things; fear, lack of resource, or exhaustion. All valid, and all absolutely real...(continued)

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