Physical Therapy For the Soul

How we were forced to survive the impact of our pain outlasts the events that caused it.

In continuation with my last post, this is why what we heal from is not the events themselves. These events that caused our origin wounds have ended. They are fixed in time, held in place and unmoving. Our answer, our body’s feedback and valorous attempt to neutralize the damage of them is what remains. If left unattended to, these new reaction-rules post-abuse will begin to direct our entire lives rather subconsciously. That is until we meet them. Until we become cognizant to our new responses, new reactions, new wounded answers to life in the aftermath of our real pain.

Until we kneel down beside our honest defence systems created to endure and feel what they have been programmed to deflect, we will remain living like we are still being actively hurt.

When we injure a limb, our body responds by shifting the strength into other limbs, muscles, and tendons. Our valid attempt to “make up” for the wound, left untreated, will cause more injury in the long run. This reformulation will remain unless we go through physical therapy. There is no difference in our mental, emotional, and soulful response to trauma. Which is why we require a mental, emotional, soulful counterpart to what physical therapy is designed to do. Something our world has no issue promoting for the physical self is what we need for our internal selves because our innate protection system will not reset on its own. It needs help and direction, we need help and direction.

This is not easy. This journey is individualistic in nature. It cannot be replicated or mass-produced, for it is innately self-led. The amount of compassion, grace, and surrender needed for this life-long physical therapy for the soul is endless. However, we also cannot be expected to do it alone. We need each other. We need community. We need inclusive resources, unbiased and unrestricted. We need belief and safety. We deserve them.

Your journey to healing may not be mapped out on paper, but it is undeniably mapped out in the body. The body is the most profound declaration of our truth, and when we have access to a privileged space to listen it reveals the map to our reclamation of autonomy. Whispers to us underneath the intensified emotional armour that alerts us of danger. Our wounds are not our master, but they will continue to lead us until we meet them.

You are not alone on this lonely journey. I stand in full acknowledgment of you here, there, everywhere. I do not doubt your truth or the ways in which your body has “made up” for the wounds you’ve endured. Your reactions and responses are understood. Your pain is real. You are heard.

You are believed.

Skyler Weinberg