The Survivor Body Speaks Truth

My body will be my greatest and most informed educator until the day I exit it. The knowledge it possesses is intrinsic and infallible to my person, and it supersedes all other authority. Years of abuse encouraged my brilliant brain to normalize an environment of pure suffering in order to keep me alive. It is with my body alone that I gain access to this truth, not the other way around. For it knows when and how to invite me back into union with the reality of my circumstances, both past and present, without the threat of re-traumatization. In and outside abuse and trauma, my body is all-knowing. Healing from my trauma has simply given me the privilege to recognize it.

We live in a world that demands our attentions lie elsewhere, estranged from our internal truths. Beginning with colonization, white supremacy and ideology blurred everything into one harm-inducing state of existence that centred white capitalism. The truth of the body became muddled, manipulated, and silenced. Rest was villainized, body autonomy stolen, and culture erased. Carried across generations, bodies began to hold onto the truths of their ancestors as further abuse and trauma, racism and segregation, hatred and murder co-mingled and amplified yet remained normalized. The authority of the body became the authority of the white, and the authority of the white is murder.

Rock bottom is where our wounds rest at their roots, and it is only from the roots that they can be healed. The individual creation of sustainable healing is what we lay down at the ash we hit during the process of self-belief. It is from here that true individual work, community work, global work, begins. Healing is a body based path. We require safety, security, and aid. Reeducation, trauma-informed and trusted guidance, and external belief to mirror our own inward quest of it. However, holistic mind, body, and soul healing is, at its core, autonomy-reclaiming and culture-reclaiming.

For the past seven years, I have been discussing and encouraging critical discourse around the residual impacts of abuse and trauma on the survivor body and its connection to autoimmune disease. To this day, my ethos remains fixed in the agonizing yet powerfully freeing act of autonomous self-belief. But it doesn’t end there. This is simply where it begins.

I believe that the path to truly unpacking the global ancient trauma epidemic can only be found by listening to those who know the reality of this level of suffering. By encouraging sustained belief of the global survivor body, and the ways in which it holds the residual impacts of abuse and trauma throughout the course of a lifetime, the world will be demanded to heal alongside it. Which is why I also believe that survivors hold the key to shifting injustice on individual, communal, and global levels.

This work is the only work, and it begins within us.