Holidays and Trauma

Mental health struggles don’t fade and trauma is not erased just because “It’s the most wonderful time of the year."

I've created a Holiday Resource workbook to stand beside you in your navigation of the holiday season (and beyond). 

Day 1 Preview:


Is there tension existing in me? Do any parts of my body feel strained or tight, emotionally/mentally/physically/spiritually? Does it feel natural or comfortable to inhale/exhale, if I am able?

*I suggest asking these questions whilst doing an ordinary-to-you task. Doing something normal to us This helps us ask without experiencing a complete lack of control in emotion that can trigger our fight or flight response.



What do these words mean to you? 

Why do they matter?

Have they shifted or changed throughout your life?

what do the current expectations attached to them feel like in you? 

Are there any parts of these words that feel intimate and individual to you? How does that feel?

*No wrong answer, and no demand to answer.

A further preview is available on my instagram and facebook stories. 

In whatever way you manage to navigate this season with what you're asked to hold (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)...I trust you with you. You're heard here, and never doubted. What you're experiencing is real, and it is valid that it is amplified during this time of year. 

You're believed.

How to get the Holiday Workbook:

1. Become a Patron 

2. Send $5 to and I'll send you the PDF

3. If you're unable to pay for it, I believe you. Please feel free to email or DM me because you're absolutely deserving of receiving it regardless of provision.

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